Production process


Iecava Distillery has introduced complex grain-processing technology in order to produce excellent and unique products: wholegrain protein concentrate, ethyl alcohol, wheat bran, and wheat protein for the production of animal feed.

We exclusively use non-GMO wheat grains grown in the Baltic region.
In the production process, the grains are first cleaned of debris, impurities, and microflora. Then, they are ground into flour and the wheat bran is partially separated.

The flour is mixed with softened water and the resulting mass is fermented. Later, the mass is divided into several portions which are then further processed into different products.

Through the use of advanced technology, protein products are dried in a carbonic gas environment at low temperatures to preserve their vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, and other nutritional components contained in the grains.

Ethyl alcohol is also produced using innovative techniques through purification in a 7-column distillation unit. The resulting product achieves a taste and aroma characteristic of the purest wheat alcohol.

Stringent grain quality requirements and verified suppliers ensure our ability to produce food-grade bran in accordance with national food quality schemes.


Iecava Distillery consistently maintains a high-quality output due to a production laboratory of highly skilled employees and modern equipment.

On a daily basis, numerous tests are performed to check everything from the manufacturing process and the quality of raw materials, to the quality and safety of the manufactured products and their compliance with various specifications. Every step is scrutinised and controlled for quality.

In addition to standard analytical methods, the laboratory also uses the services of other certified laboratories and participates in inter-laboratory comparative testing. We are continually working to develop and test new ingredients for future food products.



International quality standards are constantly applied to our daily production process, the purchase of raw materials, and the quality assurances of finished products.

The quality management system and production processes of SIA “I.S.D.” are certified according to ISO 9001:2015; GMP+B2; Kosher. In order to ensure product safety, the HACCP self-control system has been introduced within the company. We continue to work on the introduction of further quality standards.


SIA “I.S.D.” has concluded Agreement No.SKV-L-2022/366 dated 23.08.2022 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia regarding the receipt of support within the framework of the measure: Promotion of International Competitiveness — co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Ethyl alcohol rectification production plant
Project no. 18-00-A00402-000017
The SIA “I.S.D.” and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development’s Latvian Rural Development Programme 2014–2020 co-financed Project No. 18-00-A00402-000017 has carried out:
1) Delivery and assembly of a set of ethyl alcohol rectification equipment
2) Reconstruction of the finished product storage and fermentation plant